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17 March 2022

Dollywood Attractions Bracket Challenge

By | 2022-03-17T17:09:16+00:00 March 17th, 2022|Attractions|0 Comments

It’s March, and that means two things: Dollywood has re-opened for its 37th March Madness is officially here to dominate daytime TV for the next three weekends. For the combination sports fan and theme park junkie that I am, this might possibly be my favorite time of year. The Dollywood off-season has officially ended, [...]

10 March 2022

March 2022: Most-Commonly Asked Questions

By | 2022-03-10T12:01:50+00:00 March 10th, 2022|Attractions, Dining, Festivals, Trip Planning|0 Comments

I polled our Contact Center hosts who take guest calls to put together a helpful Q&A for you. Here’s a list of the most-commonly asked questions we’re getting lately—with answers! I divided it into three main categories. Questions Season Passholders Ask Bring-A-Friend tickets are a treasured perk for Dollywood’s Season Passholders. To use these, [...]

12 February 2022

What Are Golden Events and Golden Hours?

By | 2022-02-11T23:45:45+00:00 February 12th, 2022|Attractions|0 Comments

For a few months now, you’ve been hearing about Golden Events and Golden Hours for Dollywood’s 2022 Gold and Diamond Passholders. Today, I’m able to give you a better idea of what to expect. I’ll focus mostly on the Golden Events we have already nailed down (more are coming!), but I’ll quickly explain Golden [...]

11 February 2022

2022 Early Ride Time Schedule for Season Passholders (and Lodging Guests)

By | 2022-02-11T16:22:04+00:00 February 11th, 2022|Attractions, Trip Planning|0 Comments

With Dollywood’s new Season Passholder options, guests can choose which of their favorite perks they want included with their pass. One of the great benefits of being a Dollywood Season Passholder is Early Ride Time on Saturdays. Quick lesson: Season Passholders with Gold or Diamond Passes (as well as Dollywood’s lodging guests) are able [...]

13 January 2022

2022 Dollywood Off-Season Work

By | 2022-02-01T10:18:22+00:00 January 13th, 2022|Attractions|0 Comments

Dollywood is closed, and for that reason, it felt very fitting that there was snow on the ground when I walked the park to see the off-season projects already underway. Our operating calendar takes us through the first of the new year, but we close shortly thereafter because it can get pretty chilly in [...]

10 January 2022

Dollywood: An Award-Winning Theme Park

By | 2022-01-10T16:29:12+00:00 January 10th, 2022|Attractions|0 Comments

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you know that Dollywood is a special place. The Pigeon Forge theme park is an icon to its Season Passholders and annual visitors. Our dedicated hosts, quality attractions, exciting shows and decadent food all combine with our unique Dolly-inspired atmosphere to create a one-of-a-kind experience for park-goers. Now, [...]

6 December 2021

What is Dollywood’s Ride Accessibility Center?

By | 2021-12-06T15:05:16+00:00 December 6th, 2021|Attractions|0 Comments

At Dollywood, we want everyone in your family to enjoy our park. We intentionally design experiences for people of differing abilities. In fact, one of Dollywood’s complimentary services is our Ride Accessibility Center. Are you familiar with it? It’s a beautiful concept that was created to help guests get more out of their Dollywood [...]

4 October 2021

Dolly Parton Attractions for the Superfans

By | 2022-03-01T11:12:38+00:00 October 4th, 2021|Attractions|0 Comments

Dollywood has become an iconic location for a number of people. For some, the more than 50 rides and attractions are the primary draws, others are brought in for the delicious food or the ever-inspiring entertainment. One consistent driver for our guests is, of course, Dolly. Dolly’s presence can be felt throughout the park, [...]

3 August 2021

Your August 2021 Calendar for Dollywood

By | 2021-08-09T14:36:12+00:00 August 3rd, 2021|Attractions|0 Comments

Take advantage of summer winding down in August and explore Dollywood in Pigeon Forge! Dolly Parton’s theme park is designed to inspire and entertain people of all ages, and it's the perfect addition to your August 2021 calendar. Dollywood is full of Southern, small-town charm with sunshine and smiles for all who visit. Whether you’re [...]

23 July 2021

All Aboard! The Real History of the Dollywood Trains

By | 2021-12-01T09:33:49+00:00 July 23rd, 2021|Attractions|0 Comments

If you love the Dollywood Express, this blog is just the ticket for you. For many of our guests, a ride on the Dollywood Express is a must-do when you’re here! And for us hosts, these two “leading ladies” are a familiar sign—and sound—of home. Many of our guests and most employees can tell [...]

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