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Waiting Out a Storm with Lifeguards: Duck, Duck, Goose, Anyone?

We’ve told you before how much fun Dollywood can be in the rain, but I’d hate to miss the opportunity to tell you why you should stick around our water park after a storm rolls in.

The same logic applies—if it’s just rain and not lightning, the attractions will still be open. The lines will be shorter because most people don’t realize how much fun playing in the rain actually is. If there is lightning in the area, you’ll have to get out of the water, but you don’t have to leave.

Most of our lifeguards are big kids themselves—they love the opportunity to truly connect with our guests as everyone waits. When they’re guarding the water, they have to be fixed on that task. Safety first! But, when the water is not an option, we’ve learned they like to entertain.

You may see bowling, for example.

Or, checkers.

Lifeguards love to draw with chalk.

Maybe, they’ll just sit and ask you about life.

You may even come across a rousing game of Duck, Duck, Goose.

The next time you’re visiting Dollywood’s Splash Country, I encourage you to re-consider that dash out of the gate when you hear a storm coming. Summer storms can pop up and move out quickly. If you stick it out, you’re likely to leave with new friends and even more fun memories. It may not be what you imagined when thinking of things to do this summer but it’s still a lot of fun!
*Dollywood’s Splash Country will close attractions when lightning is within 10 miles of the water park. Attractions will re-open 15 minutes from the last lighting strike.

*Read our Rain Check policy here.

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