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Dollywood Attractions Bracket Challenge

It’s March, and that means two things:

  1. Dollywood has re-opened for its 37th
  2. March Madness is officially here to dominate daytime TV for the next three weekends.

For the combination sports fan and theme park junkie that I am, this might possibly be my favorite time of year. The Dollywood off-season has officially ended, allowing me to re-visit and ride all of the great attractions in the park. At the same time, tournament brackets have been released, and college teams across the country are preparing for a full-scale NCAA tournament for the first time since 2019.

With both things going on at the same time, I hate deciding which to focus on. If only there was a way that I could combine these two obsessions…

Introducing the Attractions Bracket Challenge

That’s right, Dollywood will be filling out its own special kind of bracket this year. Instead of picking college basketball winners, this bracket will be selecting the best attractions in the park. Finally, the Dollywood x March Madness crossover I have been dreaming of!

After careful consideration and deliberation, our marketing team has selected the 24 most-ridden attractions in Dollywood and pitted them against each other in an ultimate attraction showdown.

Starting March 21st, these rides will compete head-to-head for fan votes. Through these fan votes, Dollywood will officially crown a true attraction champion.

How to play

The entire tournament will be conducted on Dollywood Parks and Resorts twitter, @Dollywood. Each day, a new set of attractions will compete with winners moving on to the next round. Winners will be selected by a Twitter poll. By the end of the 18-hour poll, the ride with the most fan votes will be declared the winner and move on. Fans can follow the Twitter feed and vote for their favorite rides and attractions each day.

The first contest: Mystery Mine vs. The Waltzing Swinger and Barnstormer vs. Demolition Derby. Winning attractions will be announced the following morning, and updates of the entire bracket will be posted regularly.

Who will win?

Which attraction do you think can win it all? Will it be one of the eight coasters on the list? Or the ever-iconic Dollywood Express? Maybe a classic flat ride like the Dizzy Disk or Village Carousel could be Dollywood’s own underdog story. No matter who you think will take it all, there is guaranteed to be an upset or two along the way. That’s just the way things are in March.


Remember, the Bracket Challenge will start on March 21st! Make sure to turn on notifications for @Dollywood on Twitter and vote for your favorite rides every day. Your favorite may just be crowned the ultimate attraction at Dollywood.

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About the Author:

Joshua Sauer is a local East Tennessean who has always referred to Dollywood as his second home. Being the youngest of his family, he always wanted to play with the “big kids” at the park. His favorite childhood memory is when he was finally tall enough to ride Thunderhead. He is a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee and a rather loud fan of the Big Orange. Growing up beside Norris Lake, Joshua prefers to be on water when he is not riding a roller coaster. His favorite non-Dollywood hobbies include: spending time with his fiancée, water skiing, wearing orange and refusing to grow up even a little bit.
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