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What’s the Difference? Diamond vs. Two-Park Season Passes [AND A DEADLINE]

This blog has two purposes: 1.) to explain what’s included with Diamond Passes versus Two-Park Passes and 2.) to alert you that Diamond Passes are almost sold out, so if you want one, you need to purchase before it goes away!

I’ll start with explaining Diamond Passes first.

What Diamond Includes

Diamond Passes are Dollywood’s top-tier of Season Passes. You’re going to get unlimited access to both Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country plus the best discounts on food, merchandise, tickets and lodging. Diamond Passholders receive the most Bring-A-Friend FREE tickets, free parking all season (including one complimentary pass for Preferred Parking per Diamond Pass) and an all-season unlimited refills mug. And, I know we keep talking about Golden Hours and Golden Events, but trust me, this is a big perk. Diamond Passholders will have access to these special opportunities.

Stay Tuned

We are finalizing all the details for our Golden Events for the 2022 season. You can expect more information by the end of February!

Because the Diamond Pass is new, I think people assume it’s the new Super Pass. While Diamond does include both parks, we’ve given you the opportunity to add Splash Country to other passes, so that’s not all that distinguishes it from the other pass types. The Diamond Pass is a premium pass with the most exclusive offerings Dollywood has available.

A quick check of this chart shows you that it offers the deepest discounts, the most Bring-A-Friend free tickets, the only option with a one-time free Preferred Parking pass and the only pass type that comes with the unlimited refills mug. (Remember, the unlimited refills mug means you get complimentary fountain refills all season long compared to the one-day unlimited refills mug which gets you complimentary fountain refills for one day and then $.99 refills for the rest of the season.)

Keep In Mind

The best value option is always to buy early. Prices go up and perks go away the longer you wait to purchase. Check Dollywood’s Season Pass page for the most-current offer.

What Two-Park Includes

You can make both the Silver Season Pass and the Gold Season Pass a Two-Park Pass. I love that our new structure is customizable like that. If you aren’t interested in free parking, discounts or attending exclusive events, then the Silver Pass is a great option. It’s a basic pass that gets you into the parks for all the fun options.

Meanwhile, if you do enjoy free parking and discounts, you could go for the Two-Park Gold. This will allow you unlimited visitation plus entry to Golden Hours and Golden Events. (I’ll say it again for the folks in the back—this is not the same set up as in years past. One Gold Pass will not work for the whole family. If everyone wants to enjoy early entry on Saturdays and exclusive events, everyone needs to have their own Gold or Diamond Pass.)

The Two-Park Gold is a terrific value. You CAN upgrade at any point this year. Just know that some perks may not be there if you wait too long.

Heads Up: We’re Almost Sold Out!

When our team designed the new pass types, it was decided we would only offer a limited amount of Diamond Passes. Based on the strong performance of the Diamond Pass sales, we know our guests are excited to see what we’re planning.

Because of what we’ll be offering to the top tier, it has to be exclusive. With that said, I want to let you know that if you are considering Diamond, you have until Feb. 13 to purchase. You will not be able to upgrade at the park. Feb. 13 is the LAST day you can get a Diamond Pass.

The Two-Park Gold Pass will be the top tier available after Feb. 13.

If you already have 2022 passes and wish to upgrade to Diamond, you will need to call 1-800-Dollywood. I encourage you to call sooner rather than later, because call volume may increase around the deadline. Our contact center is answering calls 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day in the off-season.

If you do not have 2022 passes, you can follow the button below.

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