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Season Pass Renewal Checklist

How do you Dollywood? (Yes, I just used our theme park as a verb.)

Our Season Passholders know the best way to Dollywood is to visit often and enjoy the value of their family investment—in this case, Dollywood Season Passes!

It’s almost time to start thinking about renewing your Season Passes for 2022, so I wanted to put it on your radar AND create a checklist for you to streamline the process. What’s better than a full season of Dollywood-fun ahead of you? A quick and easy renewal!

Keep these tips in mind to optimize the renewing process.

Link Your Passes to Your Online Account

I hope by now you’ve already discovered the advantages of having your Season Pass account info at your fingertips (easy access to your Bring-A-Friend tickets and order history), but if you haven’t I encourage you to do this now!

  1. Download the free Dollywood App on your smart phone.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Add all the passes in your family to your account.
  4. Read more about the online account.

Once you link your passes to your online account, you won’t need to do it again as long as your pass is current. (That means, if you have Dollywood passes every year you only do it once. If you don’t renew, you’ll have to create an account the next time you do buy passes.)

Opt In

Are you getting our emails? We always have lots going on, so if you haven’t seen an email from us in the past couple of weeks, I’d say you need to sign up for Dollywood emails because we will share loudly and proudly when Season Passes go on sale. I know you have a lot coming to your inbox (me, too), but Dollywood is happy mail. You’re not going to want to miss out—especially when it’s about saving money! Opt in so you will be the first to know what the Season Pass offers are. Current Passholders always get the best deal.


Lock In Your Perks

I always hear from people who think they can hold out and get something better. I can tell you that at Dollywood, we always put our best offer on the table when Season Passes first go on sale. When you buy your Season Passes early, you lock in the best perks (i.e., the most Bring-A-Friend tickets and the longest payment plan options, etc.).

I’m going to drop a hint for you: there are new Season Pass options coming in 2022. I think you’re going to love what we’re working on. So, I encourage you to be ready and on the lookout for what is coming next month!

I’ve seen Dollywood’s 10-year plan. Trust me—you’re going to want to stick around for all the great things to come. We look for ways to reward our Season Passholders and options seem to be the way to your heart. Find out more around the middle of October!

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Amber Davis is in the thick of navigating life as a working mom. She regularly balances meetings and tantrums —from her children, not coworkers. Growing up in Knoxville, Amber visited Dollywood and Sevier County often and now loves to share the same experiences with her own young family. Read More!
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