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Dollywood’s Splash Country 2021 FAQ

Now is the time to squeeze every bit of summer fun you can before it’s gone! We rounded up a list of Dollywood’s Splash Country 2021 FAQs to aid you in your last-minute trip planning. Dollywood’s Splash Country closes for the season after Labor Day (this year, that’s Monday, Sept. 6), so use these frequently-asked questions as you head out to our water park for your last chance to splash!

Should I Bring Towels?

A frequently-asked question about Dollywood’s Splash Country is about towels. Should you bring them or do we have them? We recommend you bring towels for your day at the water park. While towels are available to purchase, they are not provided. (If you’re in the market, we offer two Dollywood’s Splash Country towels for $25.) I think this question comes up because if you stay at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, towels are available by the Swimming Hole (outdoor pool). This is a resort amenity only.

Can I Bring a Cooler?

We ask that no outside food or drink is brought into the park. So, no, you may not bring in a cooler. We offer a great dining selection at Dollywood’s Splash Country—from walking tacos and Nashville Hot Chicken Sliders to salads and wraps to burgers, pizza and beyond. If you have questions about what’s on the menus, you should send an email to splashcountryfoodquestions@dollywood.com at least 48 hours before your visit.

Can I Bring My Own Float?

If your child uses a coastguard-approved puddle jumper, you are welcome to bring that from home. Dollywood’s Splash Country offers child and adult lifejackets free of charge, if you want to save the space in your bag. For the safety of our guests, no other personal floatation devices are allowed.

Can I Wear a Rash Guard?

While t-shirts are not allowed on body slides, tight-fitted rash guards are permitted. Loose clothing has the potential to get snagged, but tight-fitted rash guards are designed to avoid this. For more information about what you should wear, we asked a lifeguard!

Where Can I Find Shade?

Dollywood’s Splash Country offers lots of natural and man-made shade around the water park. To guarantee you have a shaded spot to rest, we recommend you reserve a Retreat or a Canopy. If you would like to snag a seat under a shade structure, we recommend you arrive early. Park attractions open at 10 a.m., but you can enter earlier to scout a good spot. I advise you’re there by 9:30 a.m. when the rope drops so you can be in line at the second bridge to stake your claim in the shade at the wave pool. There are more tips on how to secure shade in this blog.

Can I Wear Water Shoes on Slides?

Wearing water shoes around the water park is a great idea because the concrete gets hot. You are able to wear shoes on some, but not all rides. So, what do you do if you wear shoes to a ride they’re not permitted? You will either be able to hold your shoes as you slide, or the ride attendant can send your shoes before or after you so you can retrieve them at the bottom. We’re happy to work with you on this because we want your feet to enjoy your day.

What’s on the Menu?

Dollywood’s Splash Country offers lots of options for lots of different taste buds. If you go to our water park craving a charcoal-grilled burger with a side of potato salad, visit Big River Pavilion. If you want a grilled chicken sandwich, pizza or chicken tenders, head for Campsite Grill. Want something fresh? Our salads, wraps and sandwiches are made every morning at Picnic in the Park. We have Nashville Hot Chicken sliders at the food truck on the wave pool deck. Get a burrito bowl or walking tacos from Watering Hole. You can find Nathan’s Hotdogs (grab a footlong!) and loaded fries at Dogs N Taters. And, don’t forget dessert! I recommend either a cool treat from Berries N Cream or a BeaverTail!

How is the Water Quality Tracked?

I’m glad you asked! We love this question because this topic is near and dear to our hearts. We care about water quality so much, there’s a team dedicated to watching pH levels around the clock. Between technology and manual checks every hour of park operation, we stay ahead of any problem. Read more about water quality at Dollywood’s Splash Country.

Return Later in the Day

Yep. You can do that. If you want to leave Dollywood’s Splash Country and return in the same day, just be sure to get your hand stamped on the way out. I’d also advise you to keep your parking receipt so you don’t have to pay to park as you drive back through the parking tolls.

Find even more FAQs on our Dollywood’s Splash Country FAQs page.

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