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August 2021 Most-Commonly-Asked Questions

Every so often, I’ll hear that there are common threads in the line of questions that our Sales & Service team stays busying fielding. (When you make more than 700 operational changes because of a global pandemic, people naturally have all kinds of queries as they plan their next Dollywood visit.) As I learn of commonalities, I want to write a blog to help answer what’s on our guests’ minds.

Below are some of the most-recent common questions.

Questions About Dated Tickets

When you purchase tickets in advance, the tickets are dated.

Let’s say I’m planning a trip to Dollywood and I want to visit on Friday, Sept. 10. My tickets are going to say Sept. 10, 2021, BUT you have a little more flexibility than that. In my hypothetical scenario of bringing my family to the world’s friendliest theme park, we get into town and run into a hiccup of some kind, and it would be better to reschedule our visit for another day. Though my tickets say Sept. 10, I actually have five operating days to use them! In this case, I can use them from Sept. 10 through Sept. 15. Yes, that’s six days, but notice the park is closed on Tuesday.

Dollywood Calendar, Schedule

Rest assured, we are able to track your attendance and have a spot allotted for you during the window of time your tickets are valid.

If none of those dates in the five-day window work, you may call 1-800-Dollywood to ask about changing your trip to another time.

*When calling 1-800-Dollywood, I always recommend calling right at 8 a.m.

Questions About When It Rains

I already alluded to something interfering with your previously-made plans. Weather may be the culprit! So, what are your options when it rains on the day you planned to spend at Dollywood? Don’t fret! These are great options!

Dollywood rain, FAQ

Option A: The forecast is not always right. (I’m friends with a few meteorologists, so I intend no ill-will! The weather just does what it wants!) I’d tell you to come to the park anyway because some of the BEST theme park days are days when fewer guests show up with you. A less-than-favorable forecast is enough to scare off lots of fellow park-goers. If it does rain, know that most rides still operate. Lightning is what will shut down attractions. Oftentimes, a shower will move through and many will leave. But if you stick it out, you may be rewarded with some sunshine and a near-empty park! If rain sets in, we’re fortunate enough to have several options for entertainment that are not impacted by inclement weather.

If you still aren’t sure about chancing it, I hope this gives you confidence: we offer a No Worry Rain Guarantee. If the park experiences rain for more than one hour on the day of your visit, we will gladly give you a raincheck to return another day during the calendar year. You just need to stop at any ticket window before you leave the park that day. The raincheck you receive will have a barcode on the back. You can use that barcode to make a reservation for your next visit! (Be sure to bring it to the park with you, too.)

Option B: As I explained above, you have five operational days to use your dated ticket. Hopefully, one of those days will work for you. If not, please contact us at 1-800-Dollywood to reschedule.

*When calling 1-800-Dollywood, I always recommend calling right at 8 a.m.

Questions About Reserving an ECV

We offer a limited number of electronic convenience vehicles (ECV) you can reserve online in advance of your visit. But, we leave the majority of our stock available for guests to rent in-person on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to reserve one, but find that we’re sold out, I would encourage you to arrive to the park early because they’re not truly sold out YET. They are, however, usually gone by 11 a.m.

Dollywood ECV Rentals

Also, I want to be sure that you know if you reserve an ECV online, your reservation IS date-specific (unlike the five-day window that our tickets offer). If you choose to come on a day different than the date you reserved your ECV, it will not be waiting on you. And, be sure to arrive by noon on the date you reserved it, or you will forfeit your reservation.

*ECV reservations must be made at least 72 hours before your visit.

Questions About Print-at-Home Tickets

When you purchase tickets on Dollywood.com, the only delivery option is Print at Home. If you don’t have a home printer (or are like me and do have a printer, but are perpetually out of ink), then don’t worry! Save your tickets where you will find them easily because our front gate hosts can scan your smart phone. If you don’t have a smart phone, then you can visit Guest Services when you arrive and they can print your tickets for you! (Yes, we try to think of everything.)

Dollywood Tickets, Printable

Questions About Online Technical Support

If you have an online technical support question, there’s a resource ready to help you. Check out the link!

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