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What’s NEW with TimeSavers in 2021

Heads up, Dollywood fans! There are some changes with TimeSaver Passes this year—but, I think you’re going to love what’s new.

Quick aside for those who are asking what is TimeSaver? It’s Dollywood’s version of line management for park guests who like to save time. There are a limited-number of daily passes available for purchase that give you expedited access to attractions and shows. Previously, THIS VIDEO was a great explainer about our TimeSaver system. (Though it’s dated now, I shared it again because I still think it’s helpful for you to understand the expedited concept.)

Now that we’re kicking off the 2021 season, here’s what you need to know before you use this park amenity.

Two TimeSaver Options

When you purchase, you still have two options: TimeSaver and TimeSaver Unlimited. As the name suggests, Unlimited will continue to give you unlimited, expedited access.

But, now, even with the standard TimeSaver Pass, you get to jump to the front of the line eight times unfettered. Prior to this year, you were limited in how many times you could use TimeSaver for our most-popular rides. For example, at the end of last season, you could only use TimeSaver for one expedited ride on FireChaser Express, Dragonflier and Mystery Mine. The remaining rides you could use as you liked. Starting this year, if you want to use all eight rides on the same attraction, you may do that!

Go Digital!

Because TimeSaver is truly valuable, it’s quite popular and often sells out. For those who don’t want to chance it, you can purchase TimeSaver online before your visit. Even then, in previous years, you still had to visit the TimeSaver building to pick it up, and sometimes, that meant waiting in line. BUT, beginning this year, when you buy TimeSaver online, you’ll get an email that looks like this:

With this in-hand, you can go straight to your favorite rides and Dollywood hosts can scan your phone! Your phone will scan eight times for the TimeSaver and as many times as you want to use it for the Unlimited TimeSaver.

If you want this digital option, you must purchase at least one day before your visit. And when you have it on your phone, you only need to stop by the TimeSaver Reservation Center to save a seat for your favorite shows. (Remember, TimeSaver is available for shows playing indoors.)

Lanyard Still Available

If you purchase at the park, TimeSaver is going to look like a ticket on a lanyard this season. That ticket is what Dollywood hosts will scan to track how many expedited rides you have remaining.

Here’s a note that may be helpful for those who have a group with different opinions. If you purchase multiple TimeSaver Passes but don’t plan to be together all day and passing one phone around isn’t ideal, you can still go to the TimeSaver location to get lanyards. You can get one lanyard per TimeSaver Pass purchased.

Resort Guests

TimeSaver is a complimentary perk for Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa guests. With these updates, resort guests will receive an amenities card that gives them access to ride the trolley to the park and this same card will be used to redeem their TimeSaver lanyard when you get to Dollywood.

And, yes, if you wish to upgrade to TimeSaver Unlimited you may do that when you get to the park as well.

Details (Prices, Which Rides/Shows Applicable)

If you’re looking for things to do in the spring, there is no question that the TimeSaver pass will allow you to get in more activities.    Do you still have questions about TimeSaver? I bet you can find the answer on THIS PAGE.

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