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Dollywood’s Christmas Color Zones Explained

When you have 5 *million* twinkling lights to take in, we all have the tendency to stop noticing details and just see color. If you’re thinking of things to do this Christmas, well, there’s just too much good stuff to miss at Dollywood (and we can’t have you miss it!) so, our Product and Planning team decided to change up what you’re seeing throughout the park during Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas this year. They’ve been doing that more and more—this season it’s really been noticeable. With distinct themes rather than a uniform look, you’ll catch more of what’s going on.

Taking a closer look at our park, you’ll see that our themed lands also have a Christmas theme:

Showstreet– This is classic Dollywood with traditional jewel tones outlining the buildings like dollhouses.

Jukebox Junction and Adventures in Imagination– Here, you’ll find a retro 50s vibe with multi-color C9 bulbs and mid-century décor. A turquoise and red palette is carried over to Dolly’s Closet for the same vintage feel.

Rivertown Junction, Owens Farm and Craftsman’s Valley– Wrapped in candlelight glow, this area reminds us that Christmas is all about the light of the world, Jesus.

The Village– A.K.A., Santa’s Village, identifies the spot where you can find Jolly ole Saint Nick with red and green trimmings galore.

Country Fair- Home of our red and white striped trees, Peppermint Valley will be one of your sweetest stops when you visit Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas.

Wilderness Pass and Timber Canyon- The Smokies have iced over—a Christmas miracle so Polar Bear can visit his cousin Black Bear! In this section of Glacier Ridge presented by Goo Goo Cluster, you’ll see icy blues and cool whites.

Wildwood Grove- While you’re still in Glacier Ridge, it’s clear the enchantment of Wildwood Grove has influenced the color scheme to include pinks and purples in addition to the blues and whites.

Watch this video for a Smoky Mountain Christmas walk-through with Cyndi, who leads Dollywood’s Guest Experience charge.

I know you enjoy learning behind-the-scenes info about your favorite theme park. Me, too. So, I’m going to add a few more tidbits because I learned a TON as I was gathering content for this blog, and I think you’ll appreciate knowing this additional information.

  • This year, we have more than doubled the number of live Christmas trees that we normally bring in for Smoky Mountain Christmas festival. And, previously, those trees have ranged in height from four to seven feet. In 2020, the trees you’ll see range from six to 12 feet tall! The hillside in Rivertown Junction (just below the train tracks) is a great place to check out these evergreens because this space is loaded with about 40 that are light-scaped similar to the trees on Showstreet but with a soft amber glow rather than the jewel tones.
  • Speaking of trees, there are eight feature trees (not Christmas trees) throughout the park. These trees are showstoppers, so you will notice them without me pointing them out. Each one is unique. It may be wrapped from trunk to the tips of every branch, or it may look like it is melting, or boast sparkling spheres or a lighting technique called supernovas.
  • Craftsman’s Valley is a continuation of the look and feel of Rivertown Junction. One of my favorite new features is the crab cluster lighting. Typically, a strand of lights has one bulb every six inches. With the new crab cluster, there are about 25 lights every six inches. That’s a LOT more lights!
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