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Never Lose Bring-A-Friend Tickets Again! (And Renew Passes More Easily)

Dear Dollywood Passholders, there’s an easier way to renew your passes for 2021.

Starting NEXT MONTH, you will have the opportunity to extend the validity of your Season Pass from June 15 through the remainder of the 2021 season at the best rate with the most perks. It will only be offered to our current and active 2020 Passholders. But, before you renew, you should spend eight minutes creating an online account with us. I previously wrote about it here, but allow me to remind you of the top reasons this is important to do NOW!

  • It will make your renewal process speedy-quick! 😉 (You’ll enter your household information and pass IDs, then as long as you’re active, you’ll never have to do that again—even when renewing/purchasing!)
  • You will be able to track installment payments if you purchase through a payment plan.
  • All purchases (such as add-ons like TimeSaver) will be in your account.

The beauty of your account is that you have access to everything on your smart phone at all times. So, you will be able to log in and see your benefits such as the Bring-A-Friend tickets. No more waiting on the email and needing to print! You can just pull up your account as you walk through the gate and our hosts will be able to scan your phone. You won’t have to dig to find them, they’ll always be loaded on the benefits tab of your account page. (**And, stay tuned for info about Bring-A-Friend Tickets for next season—they’re more flexible and I can’t wait to tell you more!**)

That goes for any online purchases. So, if you plan to buy season mugs in advance, you can pull up your account and will make the redemption process that much easier.

I know at this point you’re ready to set up your account, right? If you follow this link, it will prompt you to begin the registration process.

Be sure when it asks for your pass number that you enter the number on your pass on the left-hand side—not the alpha-numeric barcode on the bottom.

You’ll also need to know which phone number is associated with the purchase of your Season Pass. And, please provide the email you check the most often so you get all the details when we send out special offers!

Once you’ve set it up (and linked any other passes from your household) you will get a verification email. Then, click through that email to confirm your new account.

From this point on, you can log into your account from Dollywood.com. Look for the Sign In at the very top right of the home page if you are sitting at your computer. If you’re looking at it on your phone, you’ll find it by going to the Menu in the upper right.

I have one final tip for you: Season Passholders can find the answers to most pass-related questions on this page. Bookmark it and come back often!

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