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Water Park Food Tip: Don’t Miss the NEW Pizza!

Sometimes, it’s the simple tips that make the biggest difference in your experience.

Example: I’m going to tell you about a pizza you need to try before Dollywood’s Splash Country season ends in a few weeks. It’s going to make your water park experience even better and make it a lot easier for you to decide on things to do this summer.

I happened to be at our water park when our Campsite Grill team was learning about the new upgraded pizza offering on the menu this year. We offer both large (16-inch) and personal pan (7-inch) pizzas. I watched as they trained with the personal pan pizzas.

I learned—though wasn’t surprised—the key to memorable food is premium ingredients. Our crew starts prepping the dough each morning. Once it’s pressed into the pan, we add a tomato and basil pizza sauce. Notice I said sauce and not tomato paste!

It’s topped with shredded mozzarella cheese (and pepperoni, if that’s your desire) and goes into the brand-new pizza oven. Quality and efficiency are the goals for the lunchtime crowd. This pizza oven can cook 12 personal pizzas at a time on the three rolling racks—or three large ones!

They come out bubbling hot. I wish you could SMELL what you’re seeing.

When it’s baked and ready, the crust is topped with a garlic spread and the pizza receives a sprinkle of additional cheese. MMMMMMMmmmm.

Our pizzas are made to order. From start to finish, it takes about eight minutes. At lunchtime, though, you likely won’t have to wait that long. Pizza is one of the best-selling items at Campsite Grill this summer. Our team is cranking out pizzas throughout the rush. I learned that once they’re boxed, a timer is set. They only sit under the warmer for a maximum of 30 minutes. If they’re not ordered by then, they’re tossed out. Quality is very important! Because they’re so popular, they usually don’t sit very long.

Also worth noting—our pizza is eligible as an item on the Dining Pass AND as the complimentary meal you get when you purchase this ticket!

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