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COVID-19 rocked the world. We’ll feel the ripple effect for some time. I’m grateful to be back at work and be given the opportunity to reopen Dollywood for families to make new memories. But in order to regain some normalcy, our team worked with a lot of experts (including doctors, government officials and theme park managers across the country) to create a list of about 700 operational changes to protect our guests and hosts.

This blog is intended to help our Passholders—our most loyal guests—understand these changes.

Season Pass Validity

All Season Passes are now valid through June 15, 2021—Dollywood, Dollywood’s Splash Country and Super Passes. This validity extension applies to the Pre-K Imagination Pass also!

What happens June 16, 2021, through the rest of the 2021 season? We will announce a prorated pricing offer later this year. Stay tuned!

Bring-A-Friend Tickets

Because our season opening shifted, we missed most of the spring Bring-A-Friend (BAF) window. If you had spring BAF ticket(s) you didn’t lose them! We slid the dates to June 20 – Aug. 2. (You are eligible for these tickets if you purchased your Season Passes before Feb. 9, 2020.)

PLUS, we added a bonus BAF ticket just because we know this season has not gone as you (or we!) planned. The dates are the same: June 20 – Aug. 2. (You are eligible for these tickets if you purchased your Season Passes before June 3, 2020.)

The fall BAF window is the same: Aug. 24- Sept. 20. (You are eligible for these tickets if you purchased your Season Passes before April 19, 2020.)


With the new world of social distancing requirements, we will limit park capacity. To do this, we are asking our guests to let us know when they plan to visit. Each day has an allotment and every guest is encouraged to reserve a spot by visiting dollywood.com/Reservations. That way, you ensure you get to visit the day you’d like to go. You also can make a reservation from the Dollywood app.

We know our Season Passholders account for a great percentage of our daily visitors and this has been considered in our allotment numbers.

As of writing this post, June 15-16 were the only days that were full for Dollywood and all days but one were “green” (meaning available) for Dollywood’s Splash Country. Be sure to toggle to the theme park or water park before selecting your date!

Previously, there were parameters around which days you could reserve (such as no more than two weekend days). I’m happy to tell you that policy has been revised and there are no restrictions now. Capacity is still limited, but as long as the day is not full, come see us as often as you can!

If you stay with us (either at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa or at one of Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Cabins) you automatically receive priority access. Read: GUARANTEED ENTRY! With priority access, you do not need to use the reservation system.

Entry Time

With your reservation, you will select an entry time. This will help us stagger guest arrival so we can best adhere to social distancing guidelines. If you choose noon, but don’t arrive until 2 p.m., that’s fine. But you cannot enter earlier than your selected entry. Bottom line—arrive on time or later than the time slot you reserved.

Please note that we’ve added some additional safety measures including temperature checks prior to your entry into the park. Read more about that here. Due to these additional safety measures, we recommend arriving at the park up to an hour prior to your intended entry time. This will help ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy all that you want to do!

Trouble Making Reservation

Before you make your reservation, be sure you know the right phone number associated with your account.

You’re also going to need your Season Pass number. If you haven’t processed your Season Pass yet, you can enter the bar code which is a 17-digit alphanumeric number. Depending on when you purchased your passes, you can either find this number on your print-at-home confirmation email OR on your online account you created when you purchased your passes.

If you get a message about your number being expired or invalid, it’s likely your account has been updated. To protect your information, you will need to call 1-800-Dollywood to obtain your new pass number.

With all the adjustments in operations, we are currently experiencing a very high call volume. We are fully-staffed and have extended call hours. Even so, the average call is taking 25 minutes. Please be patient with us. We value you and truly want to help.


If you aren’t sure what you want to do this season, that’s okay! You have time to think about it. We’d love to see you when we open, but if you want to give it some time, we’ll be here when you’re ready. Unused 2020 passes may be rolled over to 2021. Remember, if you bought a 2020 pass during the Christmas season and used it then or came to our Sneak Peek on March 13, you’re not eligible for roll over or full refund. If you’ve not used your pass, then you can sit on it and see how things play out and decide later. For those who know they will not be able to get out and use it, they may call 1-800-Dollywood and we will process your refund. You can do this any time. Even now that the park has opened, you can still request a refund or roll over.

Thank you for your loyalty. We are so excited to see you again and make more memories worth repeating.

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