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Water Park Dining Plan Passes Available Now- LIMITED QUANTITY

Guests have been asking, and now is the time: Dollywood’s Splash Country is offering Dining Passes to 2020 Season Passholders! Because this is our first year to roll out this program, we’re starting with the water park and there’s a limited number of passes we’re selling. This blog is designed to tell you WHY you should rush to get your pass before they’re sold out! Here’s what you should know:

What Does a Dining Pass Include?
For a one-time payment, a Dollywood’s Splash Country Dining Pass allows you to enjoy a meal AND a snack every time you visit our water park. If you choose a Deluxe Dining Pass, you also get an all-season drink mug with unlimited free refills in 2020.

What Kind of Food Can I Expect?

One reason I’m really excited about this plan for our Passholders—we’re not holding back! Every dining location is participating in the program. Some items will be classified as a “meal” while other items will be a “snack.” The menu boards will distinguish which is which, so you will know before you order.

Whether you want a salad from Picnic in the Park, a footlong hot dog from Dogs N Taters, crazy fries from the new food truck (stay tuned!) or ice cream from Berries N Cream, those items and many more are all included on the Dining Pass. The only exclusions are the refillable popcorn bucket, the Deluxe Picnic from Picnic in the Park and the Best-Value/Souvenir sizes at Dippin’ Dots. Everything else is included in the Dining Pass!

In case you are not familiar with all the dining location options, here’s the list with some of the menu highlights:

Campsite Grill- burgers, pizza, chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets
Picnic in the Park- subs, salads and wraps
Dippin’ Dots- all flavors
Fill And Chill- Dollywood’s pork rinds, pretzels, popcorn
The Watering Hole- burrito bowls, nachos, pulled pork, walking tacos
Berries N Cream- ice cream, lemonade, milkshakes
Food Truck (NEW this year!)- crazy fries and chicken tenders
BeaverTails- Cinnamon Sugar
Cascades Concessions- subs, salads and wraps
Dogs N Taters- footlong hot dogs, chicken tenders, fries

How Does it Work?

This is a limited-quantity offer for our Super and Dollywood’s Splash Country Passholders.

You must purchase online here. Then, you will take your confirmation voucher to Dollywood’s Splash Country to redeem for a Dining Pass card which will allow you to choose a meal and snack every time you visit during the 2020 season.

When you wish to use your Dining Pass, you must show your Season Pass with your Dining Pass and the cashier will scan the Dining Pass.

Meals may only be redeemed between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.—but snacks can be redeemed any time throughout the day. The reason there are parameters on meal time is so we can execute at excellence and properly staff all dining locations.

In an effort to increase dining efficiency, there’s a lot of off-season work focused on Campsite Grill [i.e. kitchen layout, new equipment and traffic flow]. And, not to mention, we will be opening an additional dining location. More info to come!


How Much Does it Cost?

There are two plan options available for Dollywood’s Splash Country Dining Pass:

Basic Dining Pass- $39.99, plus tax
-Includes one meal and one snack per visit during the 2020 season

Deluxe Dining Pass- $59.99, plus tax
-Includes one meal and one snack per visit, PLUS a drink mug with UNLIMITED FREE refills during the 2020 season at both Dollywood’s Splash Country AND Dollywood

Note: The value of an all-season refillable mug is $29.99. The fact that you can spend $30 to upgrade that mug with a meal and snack every time you visit is hard to pass!

To show you a Basic Dining Pass pays for itself in two visits, I’ll do the math for you: say I come to the water park twice and both times I get

Burrito Bowl- $11.99 x 2 = $23.98
Strawberries & Cream- $6.99

With tax, the cost is right at $40. So, any visits beyond that are gravy!

With the Deluxe Dining Pass, the same value exists: say I get the same items plus a drink and a couple refills each time.

Burrito Bowl- $11.99 x 2 = $23.98
Strawberries & Cream- $6.99 x 2 = $13.98
3 Fountain Drinks (32-oz.)- $11.97 x 2 = $23.94

This time, my total is close to $62. So, if I stay thirsty and get several refills, the Deluxe plan makes a lot of sense for my budget! And, remember, you can use that mug at Dollywood, too!

Because this is such a great benefit to Passholders, we believe these passes will go quickly. It’s really a no-brainer for our most loyal guests who visit us several times a season. We hope you take advantage of this program. Let us know what you think!

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