What is the Lucky 7 Mine Experience?

Are you like me? Do you routinely walk (or drive) right by something so often that it becomes camouflaged? For years, I passed Lucky 7 Mine in Craftsman’s Valley without giving the shop a second thought. I was on my way to Blazing Fury, no doubt. But this is a good lesson to keep your eyes open— a friend mentioned how much fun her kids had panning for gems, which made me realize I wasn’t familiar with the experience. Shame on me! I work here! So, on our next family visit the Lucky 7 Gem Shop was on our list.


Let me explain what this experience entails:

My 4-year-old loved selecting his own “prospector’s bag.” There are different sizes to accommodate different budgets and interest levels. For our first time, we opted for the smallest bag (it cost about $7). Because I have little guys, we panned to the far right—it’s lower on that side, providing easier access for small children to see rushing water sift the dirt and gems.

I knew this activity would be a hit. I mean, we bought a bag of dirt! All bags have gems, so no worries there. My children are also quite fond of water play—whether it’s a water hose, a bath tub or Wildwood Creek in Wildwood Grove, we could spend hours splashing and playing. My husband helped dump the dirt slowly. Patience isn’t our strong suit.

In addition to the big bag of dirt, you also get a smaller bag to take your treasures home. Plus, there’s a gem guide so you can then debate what’s Onyx or Sodalite. (ha!)

As a mom, I appreciated the hands-on experience for learning at a theme park. And as an added bonus, we’re ready for the next preschool show-and-tell!

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