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How Dollywood Features Guest Photos

One of my favorite things about my job is getting to see the sweetest and most genuine moments our guests experience on a daily basis. We live in an awesome world where we can capture those memories on camera and instantly share them with our friends and family while also keeping them for years to come.

Some guests have asked us how they can be featured on Dollywood’s social media channels, so I wanted to fill you in on how the process works.

Step 1: Your Post

The first step starts with you, our guest. Guests, who either decided spontaneously or have been planning on things to do this summer, come to our properties, capture their visits and decide to share it out to the world of social media.

Dollywood monitors a feed of posts from our guests. Your shared image is a contender if:

  • You post your photo/video on Instagram or Twitter;
  • Your account is set to public. (We are not able to view private accounts);
  • You tagged us in your post. You can tag us @dollywood or by using #Dollywood in your caption.

Step 2: Our Request

If you checked off the above boxes and we would like to feature your photo, Dollywood will comment on your post asking your permission to use the content.

Instagram- If it’s the first time we’ve commented on one of your Instagram posts, we will ask you to click the link in our bio and follow the prompted steps.

Twitter- If it’s the first time we’ve commented on one of your Twitter posts, we will reply to your post with the link to click.

If you’ve given us permission before to use one of your photos and we’d like to feature another one of your photos, Dollywood will just comment on your post asking you to reply to our comment with #YesDollywood.

This is just a way for you to agree to let us feature your awesome photo! We will not use your images without your permission.

Step 3: Your Approval

Once you’ve given us the a-okay, your photo will go in a library of approved guest photos. If Dollywood does decide to share it, we will give you photo credit and tag you (if available).

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Knoxville native Alex Lambert grew up quoting every line while riding Blazing Fury and slurping Red’s Drive-In milkshakes with her cousins. Now, she still adores the park, but from a different lens (corny pun alert)—she’s usually behind the camera creating fun videos and other projects for Dollywood’s social media accounts. Read More!
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