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Try International Cuisine with Passport to Food

One of the best things about Dollywood in the spring is getting to explore international cultures during Festival of Nations. We’re here to celebrate and learn different ways of life—and to have a proper celebration, you must have… FOOD!

Dollywood in partnership with BUSH’S® and Lodge® brought back Passport to Food during 2019’s Festival of Nations. You can pick up one (or more!) of these bad boys at the festival dining booths and let your taste buds explore cuisine from South Korea, Trinidad, Eucador, and the list goes on.

The passport is really fun, because when you get an item from a country’s booth, you also get your passport stamped from that country! Bonus—it’s a cute keepsake to remember your trip.

So let’s talk details—there is no additional cost associated with our Passport to Food. You can look through the passport and see if any of the cuisine appeals to you. Purchasing menu items is totally up to you and your stomach.

If you’re like me and always appreciate a sneak peek of options to plan on things to do this spring before your visit, go ahead and check out Dollywood’s website. By the way, all festival cuisine will be listed in your passport with quick descriptions of the countries and items. The passport even notes where you can find the specific country’s booth on the map.

We are offering a ton of new items this year from ten different countries like Bavarian Pretzel Bites from Germany and Poutine from Canada. There are even beverages—punches, lemonades, teas, and more—to try!

This is your time to try new and different food items—be daring!

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