A Pin-Worthy Christmas From Dollywood

I don’t know about you, but for me, the rise of Pinterest has caused a decline in my self-esteem. Man! There are a lot of creative people out there. I am not one of them. Where is this going and how is it related to Dollywood? I’ll tell you: I have a secret that makes me (specifically, my home décor) look like I know what I’m doing—Mountain Laurel HOME.

This shop in Rivertown Junction has pin-worthy items at every turn. I’m going to share some of my holiday favorites with you. Keep in mind that because it’s the end of Dollywood’s season, once they sell out of an item, they likely won’t re-stock until next year. But that also means you should be on the lookout for deals!

You can NEVER have too many Christmas trees. If your significant other disagrees, compromise and get little trees that don’t require assembly.

I love huge snowflakes. Maybe it’s the paradox. I have them all over my tree. You can get a bunch inside this sweet store.

Everything is better with sparkle—especially at Christmastime! [I just tell myself that it will all vacuum up. And, I believe it. Because everything is better with sparkle.]

This is the time of year that the whimsy of the season makes it acceptable to change out traditional throw pillows for ones displaying a man with a white beard, or perhaps a reindeer.

Fun tablescapes are my fav. Rustic meets festive is perfection. I love the pine needle napkin holders!

As of this blog posting, there were several of the popular ‘Poured myself a cup of ambition’ mugs available.

I even found coat of many colors ornaments.

Earlier, I mentioned deals. Here’s a heads up—if you’re in the market, there are still fall/Thanksgiving items in a back room at Mountain Laurel HOME. Everything was 30% off AND if you have a Gold Pass, you can use your 20% off on top of that!

While I perused, I asked if there would be any other sales. It sounds like there will be a few more bargains that will come up before the end of the season—so be sure to stop by just to check it out. Then, take pictures of the items in your house because you will own the holiday décor game and you should let the world know it.

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