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Babysitter’s Guide to Dollywood

At one point or another, I’d say most of us have had our time as a babysitter. Whether it be younger siblings, close cousins or the neighbors down the street, there are similar babysitting memories that most people share. Now, we at Dollywood want to help you elevate those typical day-to-day babysitting duties with an exciting day trip to Pigeon Forge.

For high school and college students who include taking the kids they babysit on a new adventure in their plans on things to do this fall, add Dollywood to the list! With a variety of educational opportunities, rides and entertainment, there is more than enough to fill up your day of childcare. The kids will be so excited to venture out of the house and, together, you both will be creating memories that you can hold on to forever.

For those families who live close to Dollywood and already have Season Passes, there is almost no excuse to not go! With the Harvest Festival currently running and Smoky Mountain Christmas just a few weeks away, the kids will enjoy every second of bundling up, trying festive foods and experiencing the seasons’ offerings. Who wouldn’t want to see thousands of glowing pumpkins, or millions of Christmas lights? It almost ensures bragging rights for when the kids go back to school. (Be prepared for a few more job offers when the word gets out!)

At Dollywood, we promise a thrilling, yet safe experience at our park. Parents, we know that you trust your babysitter, but we want to make sure that you trust us, too, as your children spend their day exploring every corner from Country Fair to Timber Canyon.


To put each parent’s mind at ease, babysitters can take their group to Centralized Measuring upon arrival and check out which rides are suitable for each child. They will receive color-coded wristbands that match the height requirements for every attraction. Most importantly, though, this gives your babysitter a chance to write down their name and phone number! In the rare case of separation, this allows for proper communication at all times.


For the parents’ hoping that their children have an educational day with their babysitter, Dollywood also lives up to the standard. Several crafters throughout the park will catch each kid’s eye, inspiring them to unlock their imaginative minds. Take a tour of Craftsman’s Valley and experience the art of hand-dipped candles, custom glasswork, woodcarving and blacksmithing. There are even opportunities to create your own project. Head down Rivertown Junction and set your sights on mountain blown glass and hand-drawn ornaments. Lastly, make your way over to Adventures in Imagination for a history lesson about Dolly Parton in Chasing Rainbows Museum.


For the kids looking to expel all of their energy, Country Fair provides the perfect opportunity. From a handful of midway games to a variety of attractions, kids will wander this area for hours, re-riding their favorite rides and enjoying all of the fun that is offered. Even better? You can even throw in some friendly babysitter and children competitions with a ride on Demolition Derby and Lemon Twist.

Whether you are hoping to spend a full day in Dollywood or just a couple of hours, each second will increase the friendship between your kids and their babysitter. Between the educational and thrilling experiences, we hope that taking a trip to Dollywood would even become part of the routine. Who knows? Maybe this will carry on for many years to come as Dollywood continues to expand and the kids continue to grow.

Editor’s note: This post was written by Brayden Hutchins, Public Relations Intern.

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