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What’s in My Backpack: Dollywood Edition

Planning your things to do this fall like an upcoming trip to Dollywood Theme Park means a day full of family and fun. Let’s face it, though, it also calls for some preparation. In the park, there is so much to do and even more to see, and the last thing you want is to be bummed when you realize you forgot something! To ensure this will not happen on your family’s trip, we have created a list of “Top 10 Must-Haves” that should always be in your backpack for the perfect Dollywood day!

1. Dollywood Pass/Ticket

Whether you are a Season Passholder or a guest entering on a 1-Day ticket, this is the number one item to have for park entry! Have this readily available at the gate for a smooth arrival.

Be sure to also snag a This Week at Dollywood brochure on your way in because it includes show times, notable eateries and ride locations! Or, download the free Dollywood app for the same information.

2. Identification

For safety and emergency purposes, always have your ID handy.

3. Camera

The memories you make at Dollywood will be worth documenting, so make sure to have your phone and camera ready! Do not worry, though, Dollywood hosts also are available to take professional pictures throughout the park. Here’s additional info about photo options.

4. Portable Charger

At Dollywood, there are multiple scenic locations, rides, food and merchandise worthy of being captured. With a phone or camera charger, you can keep your equipment charged and ready for any moment, never missing a cute moment again.

In case this item is forgotten, there are a couple of areas that have public charging stations: look for them outside Red’s Drive-In and at the Plaza at Wilderness Pass.

5. Rain Gear

In the mountains, rain can be unpredictable. Don’t get caught unprepared in a shower! Make sure to pack an umbrella, poncho or rain jacket so you can keep trekking along through the park!

6. Socks

Silly enough, the next item on the list is an extra pair of socks. With a few water rides and potential showers on the forecast, you never know when those shoes of yours will get soaked. Having an extra pair of socks means dry feet all day long!

7. Sunglasses

While there is a TON of shaded areas in Dollywood, there are also sunny spots. Sunglasses ensure that the sun and glare will not distract you from all of the details.

8. Sunscreen

While the Tennessee heat should disappear soon, make sure to pack a little SPF for you and your kiddos.

9. Cleaning Wipes

Dollywood has some amazing snacks, and trust me when I say that they can get everywhere – not only on the kiddos! Keep some wipes handy for when that ice cream cone drips or the cinnamon sugar from the cinnamon bread gets sticky.

10. Hairbrush

Okay, ladies. I know you understand. We all love the roller coasters, but nothing is worse than the knotted, tangled hair that accompanies it. Make sure to pack your favorite hairbrush or comb to remain picture perfect throughout the day. Who knows, you may have to fix your child’s hair, too!

With these 10 items, we hope that your family is prepared to enjoy each and every moment that Dollywood offers. Who knows? As the Harvest Festival continues and with Smoky Mountain Christmas around the corner, you made need some of these items in your backpack now more than ever!

Editor’s note: This post was written by Brayden Hutchins, Public Relations Intern.

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