Don’t Stand in Line: Grab A FREE Voucher for Dollywood Shows!

Long lines at Dollywood aren’t always for our world-class attractions. We have some of the best talent on the planet performing in theaters at our great park—which, as you can imagine, draws big crowds. Namely, we expect to see long lines during our Harvest and Smoky Mountain Christmas festivals. These celebrations are stacked with show-stopping entertainment.

In the past, this has meant you have to arrive VERY early to stand in line to get in to the show you want to see. Standing in the heat, or perhaps the cold, or even the rain may be required. And, even if you do brave the elements to stand in a line—you may get to the door, only to find out there are no more seats for that show available.

Which emoji are you feeling—sad face 😥? Angry face 😡? Both? That’s not the experience we want for you.

So, for your convenience, we’re trying a new system. Starting with our gospel entertainment during the Harvest Celebration we will now offer a FREE voucher for all the indoor gospel performances. Here’s how it works:

Beginning two hours prior to showtime, you may pick up vouchers for the show you wish to see. Simply go to the theater where the show will be and look for the greeter handing them out. Everyone who wants a voucher must be present to receive it, and every individual WILL need a voucher to get in when it’s time for the show.

Greeters will continue handing out vouchers until all the seats are spoken for. Once the vouchers are gone, there will be no more availability for that particular show. To get a voucher for the next performance of that show, you will need to wait until the previous show starts and then greeters will distribute vouchers for the next seating. Vouchers only will be distributed one specific show at a time.

You may want to visit multiple theaters to pick up vouchers for different shows. To strategize ahead of time, use the Dollywood App to make your plan.

The vouchers will be first come, first served. It will be up to you to determine how early you want to arrive to claim your seats because the vouchers do not designate where you sit. Seats also will be first come, first served. The voucher simply means you are guaranteed to get in. Theaters generally open 30 minutes before the show.

Vouchers will look different at each theater and the colors will change day-to-day.

The plan is to offer vouchers for our Christmas season, as well. Look for vouchers for Christmas in the Smokies and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Wonder how this works with TimeSaver? From what I can tell, TimeSaver is still going to be a better value because you will be guaranteed a seat front and center, and there’s no need to go pick up vouchers. With TimeSaver, your day is taken care of with one visit to the TimeSaver Reservation Center. You tell the host which shows you’d like to see and then all you have to do is show up!

With our new voucher system, when you are waiting for a show to begin, you will KNOW if there’s a seat for you—no more wasting time in a line for a show you may not get to see. We hope that assurance makes your Dollywood day a little better.

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