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Fall-Lovers, THIS is Your Shopping List

Now that it’s September, it’s socially acceptable to gush about my love for fall: changing leaves, scarves and PUMPKINS. Speaking of, do you know we have pumpkins at Dollywood? Like thousands and thousands of pumpkins? Great Pumpkin LumiNights is one reason to visit, but a lesser-known reason to enjoy Dollywood in the fall is the great fall merchandise. REALLY.

Here are some must-hit shops if shopping is in your things-to-do-this-fall list:

Hello, Mountain Laurel HOME. You are my new inspiration. Whether you just step inside for ideas, or you’re in need of a seasonal décor fix, this is the place. (And, at Dollywood of all places!) Dress your dining room table, change out the wreath over your mantle, update your couch pillows, refresh your powder room with fall flavor, or all of the above with the items you can find at Mountain Laurel HOME.

Thinking about the outside of your home—we have a large selection of garden flags, welcome mats and mailbox wraps at Rivertown Garden & Gifts.

To fully embrace the changing of the season, you must dress the part. You can find cute apparel (short sleeves, long sleeves and even “Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch” onesies!) at The Dollywood Emporium.

These tops caught my eye at Gazebo Gifts.

One housekeeping habit I picked up from my mother is to always have a dish of seasonal candy out for guests to munch on. (Sometimes the people who live there do most of the munching, but that’s okay!) The Sweet Shoppe is a must-stop for those of you like me and my mother. It won’t take much convincing to get me to pick up a bag of pumpkin cookie crunch or chocolate apple crunch.

And, shame on me if I didn’t tell you to look for the Pumpkin Butter! If you like Dollywood’s Apple Butter, you must try the Pumpkin Butter.

If we’re going to talk about shopping at Dollywood, we OF COURSE have to discuss the crafts. These hand-made goods are unique and gorgeous. Be sure to go see the glass pumpkins, apples and gourds you can find in Mountain Blown Glass. You can even blow your own pumpkin with help from the craftsmen!

At our Hillside General Store, you can find fall items for your kitchen. This store also has a really cool tin truck—if you have a place you could put that on display, you’d certainly win best yard display in your neighborhood!

In my book, fall and fall candles are synonymous. You can’t have one without the other. And, let your kids get in on the fun—dip your own pumpkins is an option at Old Flames Candles shop!

One of the coolest fall creations I’ve seen is our new GIANT pumpkins at the Blacksmith & Foundry shop. First, our craftsmen made horseshoe pumpkins like this one.

But, they wanted to make something bigger. So, they came up with this design.

Did You Know?

We’ve never made iron pumpkins before. The first day our craftsmen were working on one, a guest bought it on the spot before it was even finished. By the end of the day, five more guests pre-ordered giant pumpkins. We had no idea they would be so popular!

I’m confident that if you are an autumn-enthusiast, you will find something you didn’t realize you always wanted while visiting Dollywood.

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