How to Park Hop Like a Pro

This year, we introduced multi-park tickets to allow guests to [easily] enjoy both our theme park and water park. In the past, Super Passholders have been able to hop between parks, but now everyone has that option with these new tickets.

If you purchase multi-DAY and multi-park, you could visit the theme park one day and the water park another day. But, if you want to hit both places in one day, there are some logistics I think you should know as you plan your visit.

When to Use Multi-Park Tickets

The big thing here is to always check our operating hours. Let me make that easy for you: click here to find our calendar on our website, or download our free app for your smart phone! In 2018, Dollywood’s Splash Country is open May 19- Sept. 3. For more information about which ticket option is best for your family, read this previous post.

Where to Park

This is up to you! Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country are situated side-by-side. They are separate parks, but you drive through the same toll booths as you come in. For Splash Country, you bear to the right and for Dollywood, you bear to the left.

If you plan to visit Dollywood first, you could park at Dollywood and then a trolley will take you to Dollywood’s Splash Country. Notice I said a trolley and not a tram. Learn more in the Trolley Service section of this post. A trolley will take you back to the park where you started when your day is done.

During the peak of summer, we’re open 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. at Dollywood and 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. at the water park. I tell you this because many people will want to end the day at Dollywood—to enjoy the theme park’s nightly fireworks.

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa Trolley

Trolley Service

Multi-park ticket users will enjoy trolley service as they travel between parks. Look for the resort trolleys. They have a butterfly design and only drop off and pick up in one location at both parks.

Trams, meanwhile, operate at Dollywood. This is the multi-car vehicle you would take if you want a ride after parking your car to Dollywood’s front gate. Trams will not take you to Dollywood’s Splash Country.

EXAMPLE: You arrive at Dollywood on a busy day in July and you park in Lot C. You can ride a tram to the front gate and enjoy the theme park for a while, when you really start to think how nice it will be to float in the lazy river at Dollywood’s Splash Country. You will board a resort trolley to go to the water park. When you decide you want to head back to Dollywood (or your car), you will go to the same spot where the trolley dropped you off. When it picks you up, it will be en route to the resort to drop off any resort guests before it heads back to Dollywood. It’s been a long day and you hate the thought of walking to your car in Lot C. You can walk to the tram pick up because you’ll be walking right by it anyway, and the tram will then transport you to Tram Stop C.

*If you are trying to get somewhere by a certain time, or perhaps, you’re trying to arrive at Dollywood in time for an afternoon show, be sure to allot enough time for travel. Trolleys run every 10-15 minutes and they will first stop at the resort after leaving Dollywood’s Splash Country.

Dollywood Tram

What You Need

Keep your multi-park tickets handy, because you’ll need to scan these as you enter each park.

When you board the trolley and let the driver know you have a multi-park ticket, he or she will give you a trolley access card so you can use the trolley as needed throughout the day. Keep that handy, too.

Remember, you may be leaving your car for a while, so try to bring everything with you. The idea is to avoid having to go to your car until you’re ready to leave for the day. Both parks have lockers you can rent.

You’ll want a change of clothes, so plan for that!

Changing Clothes

The two parks call for different attire. At the water park, appropriate swimwear is required on all slides. You can read more about that here. But, at Dollywood, you must have on shirts and shoes. Plan to change clothes before you board the trolley because trolleys have the same rules as Dollywood in that guests must be wearing shirts and shoes.

Taking advantage of the multi-park tickets is a great way to get value out of your Dollywood visit. Use these tips and you’ll be park hopping like a pro—Dollywood style!

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