Off-Season Projects 70% Complete at Dollywood

Three weeks (and some change) until Dollywood opens for the 2018 season! To give you an idea of how our off-season projects are progressing, I walked around the park to check it out. As I passed by a food stand, a lingering scent of cinnamon-glazed almonds, pecans and cashews stopped me in my tracks. Can you smell it now, too? It’s funny how scents are attached to memories. Now I’m REALLY excited for another year of family fun at Dollywood!

Our Director of Facilities Maintenance says we’re about 70% complete on all work orders, which means there’s still plenty to do over the next few weeks.

Just driving in, you can see work going on in our parking lot.

You don’t get too much further before you see more projects. The buildings on Showstreet all got a fresh coat of paint and new color schemes.

Two of the most recognizable differences are the new Festival Plaza in Wilderness Pass and Aunt Granny’s Buffet.

The festival plaza is going to be utilized as a mix-use space. Your family may hang by the fountain for a break between thrill rides; you may find yourself watching a performance in this spot; or perhaps you came to The Plaza at Wilderness Pass looking for the giant pumpkin tree in the fall or the giant fully-animated Christmas tree during our Christmas season.

At Aunt Granny’s, most of what is happening is INSIDE.

I can tell you we have a new, exciting partnership that will make your favorite menu items even better. The whole place is getting a refresh. I’m not going to say much more now, but be sure to plan to visit when we re-open. You’ll be glad you did.

In general, you will see an upgraded Rivertown Junction with newly-themed shops and a new eating area.

Even the water flume is brand new!

You should also notice some newness at the train depot in The Village.

Did You Know?

Our engines (Klondike Katie and Cinderella) turn 75 and 80 years old this year?

DP’s Celebrity Theater has a new roof.

The front of Dolly’s Closet has been removed and replaced.

Of course, our coasters get some attention, too.

I learned all this after just a brisk walk through Dollywood, so I certainly didn’t cover everything.

Before you get to the turnstiles, all that is out of place will be returned to order, all Christmas lights will be gone, and Festival of Nations décor will be on display. It’s a lot of work to do, but we love our park and can’t wait for you to join us again!

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