The Magic of That Red Nosed Reindeer

Lots of people love Christmas, and I’m right there with them. Christmas trees of different shapes and themes. Christmas cookies – especially anything that involves gingerbread. Holiday decorations galore. But I have one Christmas obsession that shines above all the others. Rudolph, that adorable reindeer with the red nose.

Yes, it really is an obsession. I am literally crazy about Rudolph and all his friends. I can practically quote the entire show from memory, including the elf dance to “We Are Santa’s Elves” to imitating the shiver from Sam the Snowman as he recalls the great snow at the North Pole that sets the stage for this Christmas classic. I even named one of my yellow labs Rudy because he has a reddish nose.

So of all the amazing and incredible and wonderful things that I adore about Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas festival (and there are lots of those), the day that Rudolph brought his shiny nose, his girlfriend Clarice, his buddy Yukon Cornelius and the Bumble to live and be loved by good little girls and boys during their visit to Dollywood, I realized that my love for Rudolph was even bigger.

Giddy is how I would describe myself with the anticipation of meeting Rudolph “in person” for the first time. The fact that I personally know his elf bodyguard that lines up people to have their photos taken made it that much more special. And almost instantly from the time that Rudolph put his reindeer paw around my shoulder, I was transported back to childhood – sitting in front of the TV in the living room watching this classic and favorite tale of the holidays. And that brought back the memories that always bring comfort and joy – a time when life was simpler, when the wonder that is Christmas was seen through my innocent child’s eyes, and when time stood still watching Rudolph and his friends capture the best part of life – helping each other out and learning to fit in no matter who we are.

That is why I love Rudolph and cling with childlike joy, love and wonder to his magic. And that is why I become a kid again at Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas. I could see Rudolph and his friends every day during this magical two-month festival and never tire of his shiny red nose, his reindeer games and his holly jolly friends. Don’t take my word for it though – come experience the magic yourself.

Thanks for the memories, Rudolph. Time to make some more this Christmas at your Holly Jolly Junction at Dollywood. I’ll be the one with that huge smile on my face.

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If it has anything to do with East Tennessee, this Dollywood blogger loves it. Ellen Liston was born in Kingsport and grew up in a rural environment that she says has many similarities to the Sevier County area and the beautiful Smoky Mountains here. When she’s not at Dollywood or enjoying the multitude of activities and attractions in these mountains, Ellen can usually be found cheering on the Tennessee Volunteers, particularly at football and Lady Vols basketball games, or hanging out with her family – sometimes cheering on the Vols together! Some of her favorite things are reading almost any kind of book imaginable, history, crime dramas (especially Perry Mason and Forensic Files), old movies, ‘80s music, and most anything to do with her Scottish heritage, including kilts and bagpipes. She and her husband Scott live in South Knoxville on 6 acres with their yellow labs, Charlie and Rudy, and a Maine Coon cat with a major attitude, Sam.
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