Don’t Miss Our Cinnamon Bread

Dollywood has been known for its unique food offerings steeped in southern flair. Its signature item isn’t traditionally savory like some southern dishes but it is slap your mama good. What am I talking about? The four sections of pull apart gooey goodness that makes people flock to the Dollywood’s Grist Mill. Dollywood’s Cinnamon Bread.

On your pilgrimage to Dollywood for what has been named a “must eat” by foodies and families everywhere, the line forms early in the morning to catch the first opportunity to catch a whiff of the incredible sugar, butter and bread mixture. As the queue makes its way into Dollywood’s working Grist Mill, you catch a glimpse of the assembly line efficiency of the bakers whirring like the machinery of the mill itself.

Pre-made loaves are formed and sliced. With loving hands, each is expertly carved with three cuts and then dipped into a bath of buttery goodness. From that golden bath, the loaves are submerged in a sugary-cinnamon mixture and then quickly into its own pan to not lose a drop. The queue moves a few steps forward, and the carousel ovens are in full view full of rising and glistening loaves of sticky goodness. Then the doors of the oven open to fill the display cabinets, the sweet aroma denotes your sweet treat will soon be yours.

“Would you like icing or apple butter with your cinnamon bread?” a sweet voice asks from behind the counter to you.

“I like mine the traditional way with a nice cup of coffee,” you reply.

The treasured white bag is handed across the counter and culinary nirvana ensues. Gooey goodness is in every bite – but watch your fingers, the bread is served hot from the oven!

As the ubiquitous Mr. Food might have said, “Oooh it’s so good!”

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From Omaha, Nebraska and educated at the University of Kansas, Owens spent half of his 30 year career in broadcast television before moving to Dollywood where he is the Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations for the Dollywood branded parks and attractions. He also provides PR direction for our Dollywood’s Splash Country, Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, Dolly Parton’s dinner theaters, and Pirates Voyage brands. Owens lives in Seymour, Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and two dogs. He is a  lover of good food, fine spirits and college basketball.
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