3 Reasons We’re Celebrating Father’s Day at Dollywood

Father’s Day is less about thanking dad and more about making memories with your family. As a dad of four kids, I know that my favorite gift for Father’s Day is that question and answer sheet where my kids say that I weigh 20 pounds and I’m 8 feet tall. My favorite thing to do on Father’s Day is to go somewhere special. This year, we’re going to Dollywood. Here are my top reasons for choosing to spend “my day” at this great theme park.

1- We like to go to Dollywood for Father’s Day because it makes us feel connected. We don’t feel rushed and we don’t feel like we are on anyone else’s time but our own. We can hang out at the park all day and head to the resort at night. We have the option to visit either the theme park or the water park—or maybe both!

Our family splits up for part of the day and the younger kids go to their rides with my wife, while I take our oldest son to ride the thrill rides. We usually meet up a few hours later for more family time. It’s almost like being a kid again when I get onto those rides.

2- I plan to treat myself and eat cinnamon bread at Dollywood’s Grist Mill. I think I’ve heard it about five times from different friends, but the cinnamon bread that is homemade at Dollywood is out of this world. When your favorite food is cinnamon bread and cinnamon rolls, your kids will urge you to get it for Father’s Day. Who are you to deny your kids this simple pleasure!? Hahaha!

Not hungry for cinnamon bread? How about a pie big enough to feed your entire family and then some. At Spotlight Bakery and Sandwich Shop, they bake a 25 lb. apple pie. One slice can feed four adults!

3- I’m looking forward to taking a break from it all. We like to go to Dollywood because it’s like we are taking a break from the rest of life- a break from the hustle and bustle of work, sports, chores, etc. We are just enjoying being together and hanging out.

In the end, it’s just my pick of where we want to go. It’s my pick of what we want to do–and I choose Dollywood because I know that on Father’s Day, like any day, my goal is to be together with my family.


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by Mickey Mansfield, the husband of Dollywood Insider Becky Mansfield. Mickey has his own blog called Your Modern Dad.

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