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Drop Line 101

There is nothing like the anticipation and pure exhilaration of a really tall drop tower. You climb steadily up and up as the world falls below you and your vista of the park becomes wider and clearer you feel free. The anticipation is amazing and contagious as everyone is waiting for the payoff, stomachs tighten, mouths open, eyes close and then WOOOOOOOO!!

There is nothing like it!

Great news! Dollywood has a world-class drop tower opening soon and it is a humdinger. Drop Line is a 230 foot tall tower located across from Lumber Jack’s Pizza. The manufacturer is Funtime Rides from Austria and it is their first installation of their Skyfall attraction.

The 24-seat gondola rotates as it climbs the tall tower at a steady 1.5 meters-per-second providing incredible views of the Great Smoky Mountains and of Dollywood. When you reach the top, take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of Dollywood from 20 stories in the air. Wait.




As you freefall down the tower at a maximum scale speed of about 77 miles-per-hour your body feels 3.2 negative g’s so you had better hold onto your stomach! Once the magnetic brakes engage and smoothly slow you to a stop your total ride experience will last about 2 minutes. I don’t know about you but I am ready to get back in line!

I’ll see you in the queue!

For all of you fact geeks out there, here is the tech information on the new Funtime Drop Line at Dollywood. Enjoy!

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